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2009 Wonca Africa

WWPWFM made a remarkable statement at the Wonca Africa regional conference., with a pre-conference workshop and conference theme workshop on Womenandfamilymedicine.com.  The woman plenary speaker (Dr. Modupe Ladipo) was fantastic as she reviewed African family values and their relation to Family Medicine.

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About the WWPWFM

The Wonca Working Party on Women and Family Medicine (WWPWFM) was established at the 16th International Conference of Wonca in Durban, in 2001. The Working Party takes a leadership role in advocating for the concerns raised by women doctors and women’s health in family medicine/general practice. The Working Party was consolidated at the 17th Wonca International Conference in Orlando in 2004. And has had successful pre-conference events at many meetings since, including the 18th Wonca International Conference in Singapore, 2007 regional meetings, and at Cancun in May 2010. We care about family medicine and provide a wide range of erectile medications like Cenforce 100, Kamagra 100mg, and many other products.

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Members of the working party have published a summary of the WWPWFM activities in Showcasing the Activities of the WWPWFM, a Working Document, a Monograph and Literature Review, and Leeds Assessment Questionnaire, and many articles on Women and Family Medicine and activities of the WWPWFM which can be viewed on our website. Our Action Plan for 2007 summarizes our vision for the next triennial.

A historic meeting took place in Hamilton, Canada in 2006. At this meeting, members developed and signed the HER Statement. The HER Statement was unanimously endorsed by the Wonca Council in Singapore in 2007, as was the 10 Steps for Gender Equity in Health.

Subsequent to this, the WWPWFM at Norwich in 2009 developed and signed the Gender Equity Standards (GES) for scientific meetings- needs link). At the World Council meeting in Cancun in May 2010, members will vote on proposed changes to Wonka’s Bylaws which reflect important changes for Gender Equity

The wonderful women who have been recognized through the Wonca Global Family Physician of the Month program are highlighted on our website, as are those women who were awarded Bursaries and Travel Equalization Awards to attend the Wonca Singapore 2007 conference.

The wonderful women who have been recognized through the Wonca Global Family Physician of the Month program are highlighted on our website. A new section of our website is called Stories, which features the activities of women in family medicine.

There is a listserve for women in family medicine, and more information is available from Lucy Candib.

For further information about the WONCA Working Party on Women and Family Medicine, please contact Amanda Barnard at Amanda.

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