Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction occurs at any stage of life and sexual activity, they are more common in people over 40 years of age, it becomes a problem because it affects the intimacy of the couple reaching the desire, arousal, penetration, and orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Sexual dysfunction is very common in both men and women and managing this situation in men can represent a big problem in their sexual life.

Knowing a little more about them will allow you to treat them and solve the problem that arises in sexual health.

What is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is a problem that occurs and prevents the couple from achieving sexual satisfaction. This can occur during any phase of the sexual response cycle, either during arousal, orgasm or at the end of the sexual act.

Causes of sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction does not occur from one day to the next, they are caused by different conditions, among which are:

Changes in health:

Diseases such as diabetes or heart conditions affect blood vessels and therefore sexual functioning, this promotes the appearance of erectile dysfunction.

Hyperthyroidism or excessive production of prolactin can cause changes in ejaculation, as well as some chronic health conditions such as kidney or liver failure can affect the development of sexual life.

Hormonal disorder:

Hormones play an important factor in sexual life, changes in their production can affect performance and satisfaction.

Low Testosterone is related to low libido or sexual desire in men.

Psychological factors:

The pressures of daily life such as work problems, and relationship problems, the couple generate stress, anxiety, and depression that frequently affect sexual life.

Consumption of alcohol or drugs:

The consumption of these substances can negatively impact sexual activity, and medications such as antidepressants can affect sexual function.

Types of sexual dysfunction

Disorders of sexual desire: They occur due to a lack of sexual desire or interest in sex.

Sexual arousal disorders: Here is the inability to become aroused or your body physically does not respond to you during sexual intercourse.

Orgasm disorders: It occurs due to delay or absence of orgasm (also known as climax) at the time of sexual intercourse, you are unable to reach orgasm.

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Men who suffer from sexual dysfunction often keep it to themselves and do not recognize the situations they are going through as symptoms. Here are the symptoms that often occur

  • Lack of interest in sexual relations.
  • Inability to produce or maintain an adequate erection during sexual intercourse.
  • You cannot reach orgasm or have a long delay in the climax, which is known as premature or premature ejaculation.
  • Difficulty during moments of ejaculation.

How sexual dysfunction is diagnosed

Once the symptoms of this condition appear, you should see a doctor. He will be in charge of delving much deeper thru the medical history and physical examination, if necessary he will request studies to rule out previous problems that may be generating sexual dysfunction.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction

The treatment of sexual dysfunction will depend on the cause that is causing it. Once the doctor has the specific diagnosis, he will indicate the treatment.

Treatment for physical causes: in these cases, treatment of the condition that is giving rise to sexual dysfunction will be enough to reverse this situation. In some situations, just prescribing a medication or changing it is enough to alleviate this disturbance.

In some cases, depending on the degree of alteration, procedures such as surgery or penile implants will have to be used.

Treatment of psychological causes: in these cases, psychological counseling is essential; The therapist will be in charge of teaching you how to deal with stress and anxiety. Couples counseling can help improve communication as well as increase intimacy.

The success of treatment depends on the accurate diagnosis and whether the condition that caused it can be effectively treated or reversed. Communication is important when deciding what to do; talk to your partner so you can see how the situation improves.

At any time in life and for different reasons, men can suffer different sexual dysfunction. Amongst the most popular are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. You will immediately get effective results!


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